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What People have said about us!

On the odd occasion, we do get some things said about us and our music, usually written by some awesome people, whom we love very much for writing such awesome stuff about us, here's some of our faves!

"DO you like music that deals with serious political issues? Music that debates the way of the world and moves you to emotional heights?

If the answer is yes, stop reading now because 'Fighting Evil is Cool!' are an upbeat, modern ska punk amalgamation, all about anything from gangster fish to flying grizzly bears."
July 4th, 2014 - Sophie Sparham, Derby Telegraph Read the full review!
"A cup of tea is a great little EP that’s perfected its unique sound. Yes, I know the lyrics aren’t serious and are a little obscene (not many bands have songs dedicated to a penis) but Ska-Punk is supposed to be fun and light-hearted and Fighting Evil Is Cool(!) certainly got that down. In fact part of the appeal of this Nottinghamshire six-piece is that they don’t take themselves too seriously." July 10, 2013 - THENEXTROCKREVIEW Read the full review!
"With brilliant songs like Brain Salad and Hobo delivering good old ska to the crowd and getting people moving,... One of the highlights that many will take away from that gig, is a spectacular cover of Propane Nightmares...If anyone had come up to me and recommended a band that played ska versions of drum and bass, I would probably have laughed. However, seeing is believing, so I saw and I now believe." February 9th, 2013 - Scorpio Promotions Read the full review!
"...There really isn't anything this band doesn't do well. The brightness of the trombone is a great compliment to the aggressive guitars. The bass lines are not only prominent, but also a bit funky. The vocals at times bring some 90s hardcore bands to mind. And did I mention that this band can get you dancing when it sings about zombies? Seriously, what more do you need?" 8th December, 2012- Incognito music magazine Read the full review!
"... It's not just the fact that there's cutesy four-chord riffs and a trumpet that makes you realise that here is a band not doing it because they want to be the next NME-cover fuck-wits, but that they're doing it for the shits and giggles. And that's something no review is ever gonna convey really, but we'll try for the craic..." September 26th, 2010 - Read the full review!

The Story of Fighting Evil Is Cool!

Way back, in the far off year of 2007, 3 guys in Derby, (Derbyshire, UK) decided to set up a band...2 of them you might know as Guitar Matt and Drummer Matt! They, and friend Rik, set up a band as there wasn't much else to do in Derby in 2006 / 2007. Eventually the powerful & funky-walking-bass-line machine, known as Mima, joined the trio in an effort to rid the Derbyshire music scene of the same old tired influx of Indy and Metal bands (of which there were an abundance of in Derby), however before they could embark on their MIGHTY QUEST, friend Rik departed from the band in pursuit of his own adventures, leaving the band without a singer.

In desperation and dire frustration, the band turned to the "Musicians Available" boards in search of a new singer to complete the band once more and came across an advert from a plucky young lad known "Dicko".

Meanwhile, far away in the land of Spondon, an 18 year old Dicko was busying himself with getting hammered, as he hadn't been on a stage in many moons and was aiming for rock-bottom, WHEN SUDDENLY! The phone sprang to life in his pocket! Making ringing noises and vibrating his testicles! Dicko answered the phone and slurring his words asked "Hallo...who ish this?", to his surprise it was Guitar Matt asking him to come for an audition! Dicko sobered up, grabbed his guitar, and went to the audition to meet the trio and cover Blink 182 and Buzzcocks songs with them! After which, the trio, having heard his ability, (and finding out that he also got free drum hire from the practice studio) asked Dicko to join them on their MIGHTY QUEST of gigging and party-having!

After many gigs and parties, the Mighty Foursome decided that what they really needed was some brass to truly kick ass, So they tracked down a young scamp named Ewan, A "trumpet tripster" strong in the ways of ska and funkytown. With Ewan they played many more gigs and recorded the first Fighting Evil is Cool! Album! Which sold at least 3 copies on the release night!

Although, sad news was to befall our little gang as Ewan, the "trumpet tripster" needed to leave our troupe in order to follow his dreams and become a sound engineer...or something... at LCM. This made life very difficult for the remaining group as it turns out brass players are extortionately difficult to find in the Midlands. But after many months of searching, and after nearly throwing in the towel, Fantapants was discovered! Having recently moved to Nottingham with her trusty saxophone "Lucifer" (or Lucy for short) she was itching to join some ska band and kick some ass! Luckily for us, she felt that FEiC! were that exact band she needed and joined our merry adventures!

Then shortly after Ben joined with his Trombone... AND THE REST IS HISTORY!